The Message, The Method And The Magic

“You aren’t the target market, weirdo!”

That’s what my son said when I asked how he could possibly enjoy the randomness he was watching on YouTube. I realized he was right. Those YouTubers didn’t care what a thirty-something mom thinks of their show.

I’m not the target market. This reminded me that different voices reach different people. Your voice matters. Somebody out there needs what you have to say just they way you say it.

What difference will your message make? And what would happen if nobody heard your message? How many lives wouldn’t get changed if your words of wisdom didn’t spread?

Being the best kept secret is overrated when what you have to offer can change lives. Your story could help build your legacy and your knowledge could change the landscape of how people understand themselves and what they’re meant to do with their lives.

How do you want to change the world?

People want something to believe in. We look for hope, wisdom and understanding. Like sunflowers, we tilt towards the light. We crave epiphanies, context and direction. If those moments of breakthrough are punctuated with laughter, even better.

Since the beginning of time, stories have mattered. Stories were why people gathered. Stories were how people learned and related to each other. Stories passed down traditions and cultural values from one generation to the next.

From cave drawings to sermons to campfires to bedtime routine, stories hold people together in a timeless tradition of narrative. Your story could matter, too, on a larger scale…it has the power to unite, inform, entertain and transform.

How would the world become a better place because of your story being shared? Do you want to reach more people with your words?

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