Even Cows Have Best Friends: Content Marketing & The Animal Kingdom

What do cows have to do with content marketing? Let me explain. I shared a meme on my Facebook page that I thought people would relate to:

It turns out I’m connected to a farmer who informed me that in fact, cows DO have best friends. I had no idea.

The Power of Consistency

A cow’s relationships with other cows make them calmer and smarter. Northampton University and the University of British Columbia did studies about it. Their studies showed the benefits of long term social connection between cows, how relationships help cows adapt to a changing world, and how they experience less stress. Those connections are nurtured from being housed together and time spent interacting.

Proximity and consistency make a difference. Even animals’ lives benefit from connection to others. So the question is, how do we build those relationships? Through consistency and proximity in our marketing efforts.

My belief is that like cows and their buddy system, the relationships we build with customers should improve their lives based on our presence. To be present, we need to consistently show up in our communication, in our offering of support, in the way we are steadfast, like a cow’s best friend. From a content marketing perspective that means consistently posting on social media, sharing blog posts, responding to inquiries and feedback.

Making a Splash with Content

The next member of the animal kingdom I look to as an example are whales. They use echolocation – meaning they emit sound into their environment to gain information about it based on what bounces back. These sounds can also be used to communicate. They use them to find food to nourish themselves. How the objects respond to their sounds gives them valuable information about their consistency, location and speed. Content marketing works in the same way.

The sounds that you make in your content through your corporate blog and social media work like echolocation and whale sounds because they can help you find food (leads), they help you communicate with others in your space (relationship building with customers) and they provide information about the space it’s being received by (social listening post-publication.)

Other than specifically echolocation, when it comes to sound, whales also sing. They assemble a collection of sounds that can last more than ten minutes and they use those sounds to identify and connect with other whales who are far away, and also to share information.

Whale songs, like blog posts or tweets or Facebook posts, are content. They are content that whales distribute underwater to sustain themselves and assemble their “squad” (or pod, technically.) Whales find their community by what they put out into the water.

I also believe that like whales, we need to sing. We need to let our audiences know who we are based on the sounds we put out into the world, so they can find us. We need to share information, connect with people who are far away and find community.

I wouldn’t necessarily let a whale or a cow handle my content marketing or my customer experience, but we can certainly from their examples. If cows have best friends and whales sing, how is your brand showing up and making noise consistently, intentionally and productively?

If you need help showing up and being consistent with your audience through quality content, inquire about our services today.