Slice of Life And Marketing Lessons

I draw a lot of my marketing lessons from anecdotes from every day life. I find it helps people remember the important stuff and they enjoy learning it more. Here are some examples:

Cold Weather Lessons on Content Marketing

My step dad drove our friend to school every day. One morning she said “Dad, there’s a yellow snake following us.”

He shrugged. It seemed really unlikely that that would be the case. It’s winter. It’s Grand Forks, BC.

She insisted “No, no, really, there’s a yellow snake following us.”

He finally looked back over his shoulder and realized what she meant. He had driven off with the car still plugged in, yellow extension cord trailing behind.

What does that have to do with content marketing?

  • One man’s extension cord is another person’s yellow snake.
  • Sometimes the benefit is immediately obvious, other times more context is needed.
  • Everyone sees things through their own perspective and only through talking about it can we reach an agreement about what’s really going on.

Let’s Do Brunch and Customer Research

My husband has been making me scrambled eggs for years because he thought it was my favourite. I actually just don’t know how to cook them any other way.

The moral of the story? Why do you care about my breakfast?

It’s important to ask your audience what they want. Their past behaviour might not be from preference but rather lack of options, skills or awareness of other solutions. Otherwise everyone gets eggs they don’t really enjoy. The more you know!

Would you like an alpaca with that?

I was scanning through Airbnb listings for our trip to Nanaimo when I found something I didn’t expect. It was a beautiful little suite on a farm with alpacas. It was twice the price of the listing we ultimately selected but it got me thinking….

When was the last time you offered unmatched and unexpected bonus value for something people were going to do anyways?

How do you set yourself apart from the (not alpaca) herd?

Ps. I have heard that alpacas are just llamas with social skills, can anyone confirm?

To benefit from my marketing lessons and put them to work in your business, reach out and find out how we can work together. Unfortunately, it’s a bring your own alpaca situation but I think we can learn a lot together.

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