Sitting On A Social Media Gold Mine

Are you shaking the couch cushions for social media content while you’re sitting on a gold mine? Your old Facebook lives, your past podcast episodes, those blog posts you wrote that one time, those can all be repurposed into new social media posts. Instead of languishing in that one piece of content you made that one time, you could be creating new content from your old words for fresh eyes.

Keeping your social media platforms stocked with engaging thought leadership doesn’t have to be hard when you make the best and the most of what you’ve already got. Waste not, want not! You’ve put your message out into the world, now is the time to make it go further. Do you use content repurposing to spread your message?

Recycling is all the rage these days, why shouldn’t you try it out in your content marketing? Repurposing content helps keep your content strategy sustainable. And when it comes to keeping up the habit, scheduling your content might be a helpful way to keep going too.

People often ask me about the extent to which scheduling software can hinder reach on social media. My typical response is that a third-party scheduler will limit the reach of a post a lot less than never writing anything at all because you feel put on the spot in the moment and like you have to be posting everything in real time and it’s too exhausting so you just give up.

There’s been a lot of research on the subject but I can tell you 100% people will be more likely to see the post you scheduled to go live than the post you never wrote.

Do you get stage fright about posting? What gets in the way of you being consistent in your posting?

If you need help repurposing your content and getting past stage fright by posting our custom social media content designed just for you, have a look at how we can work together.

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