Navigating Towards The Future

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” “Recalculating!” The voice of our navigator repeated this word we had grown to hate. Recalculating.

We were trying to find our hotel. Three separate navigational systems sent us three different wrong ways. It was raining and frustrations were mounting.

As we circled once more, out of the corner of my eye, I could see our destination. Our attempts to navigate by consensus and defer to the experts were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until we stopped to look around we were able to reach our goal.

Entrepreneurship can be a lot like that. There’s no shortage of advice out there. Sometimes you listen to an expert to avoid disaster and you still end up lost in the rain. Be resourceful and look around. What you’re seeking is on the horizon. Don’t give up hope!

You see, my attitude is Send me all the no’s, I will find the yes. That’s my motto. Sometimes a “no” is exactly what you need to find a different way forward. A “no” is momentum. A “no” casts out complacency.

You’re unlikely to get a permit to build on a shaky foundation. A “no” pushes you to find the stable foundation on which to build something majestic.

Which “no” are you thankful for?

I’m most thankful for the “No” I said myself. Three years ago I officially resigned my position with the federal government and committed myself completely to my business.

I am so grateful for all the clients I have had the opportunity to serve so far. I’m looking forward to helping more people share their stories in a way that builds connection, community and conversions. What are you celebrating today and how can we work together to spread the word about your latest success?

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