Lit Up and Connected Through Content

The thing is you have to care. Like really, really care. That’s how it works and I will tell you why. James Carbary said something profound in his book, Content-Based Networking, and it’s something I really believe in.

“Content-based networking only works if you care about the people you’re building relationships with, regardless of whether you get anything in return.”

It’s about people, relationships and the radical act of authentic connection. It’s not about “What are you going to do for me?” It’s not just touch points. It’s connection.

Who do you know who has the gift of true connection? How do you cultivate that in yourself?

I love how much connection I get to have in my work. It reminds me of something I shared on LinkedIn on a particularly exciting day:

I’m wide awake and inspired. Most mornings I stumble to my desk, latte in hand. I rub my eyes and blink at the light coming from my computer. Most days it feels way too early…. but not today!

Today I bounded to my desk with excitement because of the extra special treat I had in store. I started my day talking to an amazing best-selling author, advocate and speaker about her journey and most recent adventures that have been in the news.

I can’t believe this is my life! I am so honoured by the people who trust me with their stories and their voices. Today’s interview was for a publication I haven’t written for yet so it definitely feels like Christmas morning.

I get lit up by sharing amazing stories, putting the spotlight on incredible humans and sharing inspiration. What lights you up? Find out more about how we can work together to share what lights you up with the world.

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