It’s Never Too Early For Content Marketing

Today: Freelance Content Creation. Tomorrow: The World! After listening to masters like Tim Salau talk about the Future of Work, I wanted to share how we are talking about that important topic in our house…

My 12 year old son has a financial goal and wanted to know how he could earn $10 a week. He thought maybe he could wash the car or take on another household chore.

Guess who’s going to be creating content for his mom’s Instagram account as a paid freelance photographer?

I’m teaching him early that:

  • content has value
  • work can be flexible
  • sometimes building a personal brand takes a team and that’s okay

It reminds me of another entrepreneurial venture he tried to undertake.

That Time My Son Tried To Launch A Stock Photo Service Of Our Life

“My vacation photos will be available for purchase upon my return, mommy! I’m sure you could use them for your blog.”

My little boy who saw me hunched over the monitor trying to pick the perfect photo from stock image services went on holidays with his dad and came back with a business plan to monetize his trip. My kid is a mixture of sports, outdoors and hustle.

Since he was little he’s always been looking for money making opportunities and it inspires me. What I love is how he’s never shy to ask for the sale and that he’s always thinking of new opportunities (like trying to sell back the cookies he was given for dessert to my grandparents, or when I dragged him shopping and he got the balloon store next door to sponsor his YouTube channel.)

What got you started in business? What’s your story?

Your origin story could be a powerful force to win over new customers, create a community around your brand and help people feel connected to you and what you offer. Find out how we can work together to get your story in front of more people.

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