The Message, The Method And The Magic

“You aren’t the target market, weirdo!”

That’s what my son said when I asked how he could possibly enjoy the randomness he was watching on YouTube. I realized he was right. Those YouTubers didn’t care what a thirty-something mom thinks of their show.

I’m not the target market. This reminded me that different voices reach different people. Your voice matters. Somebody out there needs what you have to say just they way you say it.

What difference will your message make? And what would happen if nobody heard your message? How many lives wouldn’t get changed if your words of wisdom didn’t spread?

Being the best kept secret is overrated when what you have to offer can change lives. Your story could help build your legacy and your knowledge could change the landscape of how people understand themselves and what they’re meant to do with their lives.

How do you want to change the world?

People want something to believe in. We look for hope, wisdom and understanding. Like sunflowers, we tilt towards the light. We crave epiphanies, context and direction. If those moments of breakthrough are punctuated with laughter, even better.

Since the beginning of time, stories have mattered. Stories were why people gathered. Stories were how people learned and related to each other. Stories passed down traditions and cultural values from one generation to the next.

From cave drawings to sermons to campfires to bedtime routine, stories hold people together in a timeless tradition of narrative. Your story could matter, too, on a larger scale…it has the power to unite, inform, entertain and transform.

How would the world become a better place because of your story being shared? Do you want to reach more people with your words?

Feel Better Marketing is all about reaching more people with your message. Find out how we can help.

Lit Up and Connected Through Content

The thing is you have to care. Like really, really care. That’s how it works and I will tell you why. James Carbary said something profound in his book, Content-Based Networking, and it’s something I really believe in.

“Content-based networking only works if you care about the people you’re building relationships with, regardless of whether you get anything in return.”

It’s about people, relationships and the radical act of authentic connection. It’s not about “What are you going to do for me?” It’s not just touch points. It’s connection.

Who do you know who has the gift of true connection? How do you cultivate that in yourself?

I love how much connection I get to have in my work. It reminds me of something I shared on LinkedIn on a particularly exciting day:

I’m wide awake and inspired. Most mornings I stumble to my desk, latte in hand. I rub my eyes and blink at the light coming from my computer. Most days it feels way too early…. but not today!

Today I bounded to my desk with excitement because of the extra special treat I had in store. I started my day talking to an amazing best-selling author, advocate and speaker about her journey and most recent adventures that have been in the news.

I can’t believe this is my life! I am so honoured by the people who trust me with their stories and their voices. Today’s interview was for a publication I haven’t written for yet so it definitely feels like Christmas morning.

I get lit up by sharing amazing stories, putting the spotlight on incredible humans and sharing inspiration. What lights you up? Find out more about how we can work together to share what lights you up with the world.

Navigating Towards The Future

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” “Recalculating!” The voice of our navigator repeated this word we had grown to hate. Recalculating.

We were trying to find our hotel. Three separate navigational systems sent us three different wrong ways. It was raining and frustrations were mounting.

As we circled once more, out of the corner of my eye, I could see our destination. Our attempts to navigate by consensus and defer to the experts were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until we stopped to look around we were able to reach our goal.

Entrepreneurship can be a lot like that. There’s no shortage of advice out there. Sometimes you listen to an expert to avoid disaster and you still end up lost in the rain. Be resourceful and look around. What you’re seeking is on the horizon. Don’t give up hope!

You see, my attitude is Send me all the no’s, I will find the yes. That’s my motto. Sometimes a “no” is exactly what you need to find a different way forward. A “no” is momentum. A “no” casts out complacency.

You’re unlikely to get a permit to build on a shaky foundation. A “no” pushes you to find the stable foundation on which to build something majestic.

Which “no” are you thankful for?

I’m most thankful for the “No” I said myself. Three years ago I officially resigned my position with the federal government and committed myself completely to my business.

I am so grateful for all the clients I have had the opportunity to serve so far. I’m looking forward to helping more people share their stories in a way that builds connection, community and conversions. What are you celebrating today and how can we work together to spread the word about your latest success?

Big Words Bigger Impact

Are you looking for an impact so big they can just taste it? That’s where storytelling comes in. Storytelling transforms words into a message. It translates a list of features and benefits into a memorable experience with emotional weight and depth.

It’s the difference between the emotionally neutral act of scanning through a hastily scribbled grocery list left behind in a shopping cart and salivating as you vicariously enjoy the multisensory journey of a decadent gourmet meal with all its aromas and flavours. Tastebuds dance. You can hear the clatter of the cutlery. You’re right there.

That’s the power of storytelling.

You can read from a lecture and teach people things or you can invite them on an adventure and give them a front row seat to the moment everything changed for you.

The moment that changed you can change others too and there are so many ways to get that story out there. What do people say when you share your story and how would it feel to have more people saying it?

I know what that’s like and it’s amazing.

“I really appreciate this. I am going into treatment tomorrow and I am terrified. This gave me some hope. Thank you.”

I shared my story about recovering from illness and a lady named Katie took the time to tell me how what I shared had touched her. She went from scared to comforted and hearing that felt so good. Knowing your story made an impact is a feeling that’s second to none. Being able to change hearts with your experiences is such a gift.

What would it mean to you if more people had the chance to change their lives with your message? How will your story change the world if it spreads even further?

Feel Better Marketing can help you spread the word about your big message by making the words you share work harder. Your speeches could become blog posts, social media posts, newsletter content, all sorts of things. Let’s work together and spread the word… your words!

It’s Never Too Early For Content Marketing

Today: Freelance Content Creation. Tomorrow: The World! After listening to masters like Tim Salau talk about the Future of Work, I wanted to share how we are talking about that important topic in our house…

My 12 year old son has a financial goal and wanted to know how he could earn $10 a week. He thought maybe he could wash the car or take on another household chore.

Guess who’s going to be creating content for his mom’s Instagram account as a paid freelance photographer?

I’m teaching him early that:

  • content has value
  • work can be flexible
  • sometimes building a personal brand takes a team and that’s okay

It reminds me of another entrepreneurial venture he tried to undertake.

That Time My Son Tried To Launch A Stock Photo Service Of Our Life

“My vacation photos will be available for purchase upon my return, mommy! I’m sure you could use them for your blog.”

My little boy who saw me hunched over the monitor trying to pick the perfect photo from stock image services went on holidays with his dad and came back with a business plan to monetize his trip. My kid is a mixture of sports, outdoors and hustle.

Since he was little he’s always been looking for money making opportunities and it inspires me. What I love is how he’s never shy to ask for the sale and that he’s always thinking of new opportunities (like trying to sell back the cookies he was given for dessert to my grandparents, or when I dragged him shopping and he got the balloon store next door to sponsor his YouTube channel.)

What got you started in business? What’s your story?

Your origin story could be a powerful force to win over new customers, create a community around your brand and help people feel connected to you and what you offer. Find out how we can work together to get your story in front of more people.

Sitting On A Social Media Gold Mine

Are you shaking the couch cushions for social media content while you’re sitting on a gold mine? Your old Facebook lives, your past podcast episodes, those blog posts you wrote that one time, those can all be repurposed into new social media posts. Instead of languishing in that one piece of content you made that one time, you could be creating new content from your old words for fresh eyes.

Keeping your social media platforms stocked with engaging thought leadership doesn’t have to be hard when you make the best and the most of what you’ve already got. Waste not, want not! You’ve put your message out into the world, now is the time to make it go further. Do you use content repurposing to spread your message?

Recycling is all the rage these days, why shouldn’t you try it out in your content marketing? Repurposing content helps keep your content strategy sustainable. And when it comes to keeping up the habit, scheduling your content might be a helpful way to keep going too.

People often ask me about the extent to which scheduling software can hinder reach on social media. My typical response is that a third-party scheduler will limit the reach of a post a lot less than never writing anything at all because you feel put on the spot in the moment and like you have to be posting everything in real time and it’s too exhausting so you just give up.

There’s been a lot of research on the subject but I can tell you 100% people will be more likely to see the post you scheduled to go live than the post you never wrote.

Do you get stage fright about posting? What gets in the way of you being consistent in your posting?

If you need help repurposing your content and getting past stage fright by posting our custom social media content designed just for you, have a look at how we can work together.

Slice of Life And Marketing Lessons

I draw a lot of my marketing lessons from anecdotes from every day life. I find it helps people remember the important stuff and they enjoy learning it more. Here are some examples:

Cold Weather Lessons on Content Marketing

My step dad drove our friend to school every day. One morning she said “Dad, there’s a yellow snake following us.”

He shrugged. It seemed really unlikely that that would be the case. It’s winter. It’s Grand Forks, BC.

She insisted “No, no, really, there’s a yellow snake following us.”

He finally looked back over his shoulder and realized what she meant. He had driven off with the car still plugged in, yellow extension cord trailing behind.

What does that have to do with content marketing?

  • One man’s extension cord is another person’s yellow snake.
  • Sometimes the benefit is immediately obvious, other times more context is needed.
  • Everyone sees things through their own perspective and only through talking about it can we reach an agreement about what’s really going on.

Let’s Do Brunch and Customer Research

My husband has been making me scrambled eggs for years because he thought it was my favourite. I actually just don’t know how to cook them any other way.

The moral of the story? Why do you care about my breakfast?

It’s important to ask your audience what they want. Their past behaviour might not be from preference but rather lack of options, skills or awareness of other solutions. Otherwise everyone gets eggs they don’t really enjoy. The more you know!

Would you like an alpaca with that?

I was scanning through Airbnb listings for our trip to Nanaimo when I found something I didn’t expect. It was a beautiful little suite on a farm with alpacas. It was twice the price of the listing we ultimately selected but it got me thinking….

When was the last time you offered unmatched and unexpected bonus value for something people were going to do anyways?

How do you set yourself apart from the (not alpaca) herd?

Ps. I have heard that alpacas are just llamas with social skills, can anyone confirm?

To benefit from my marketing lessons and put them to work in your business, reach out and find out how we can work together. Unfortunately, it’s a bring your own alpaca situation but I think we can learn a lot together.

Create Buzz – Make Content Like A Bee

Are you looking to create buzz with your content? Most recently we looked to the animal kingdom for examples in content marketing. Today, we look to the insects – bees to be precise. Ontario Honey had a super cool article full of fun facts with bees that I was inspired by. Bee behaviour (try saying that ten times fast!) can teach us a lot about content marketing.

How to create content that’s the bee’s knees:

  1. Your labour should be able to be repurposed into multiple formats. Bees work really hard and that turns into honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. That’s a lot of different things coming from one activity. Likewise, your Facebook live or podcast episode could become a blog post, social media graphics, an ebook, any number of things. Repurposing is a smart way to work once and create a lot of content – you just have to be strategic.
  2. You should have evergreen content available. Bees rock at this because honey doesn’t rot. Bacteria can’t grow in it. It lasts and lasts and lasts. You should have some content that can stand the test of time – sweet like honey and it doesn’t age.
  3. You should have content that’s agile. A honeybee flies 24 km/hour and its wings beat 12,000 times a minute. That’s fast! Your content strategy should also be responsive so you can chime in on emerging conversations that are relevant to your brand.
  4. You need to be original. A Queen Bee communicates with her hive using pheromone – her own special blend. Her people (or bees, in this case) know when she is speaking because the communications is completely her. Be on brand and unique so your people know when you are talking to them.

You want people to buzz about your brand and a thriving hive of activity in your business. Your content can help get you there, you just have to make a bee-line towards the words that work.

If you need help creating buzz in your business – we should connect. Check out the services Feel Better Marketing has to offer and let’s get buzzing!

Sales & Marketing Lessons I Learned From Being A Mom

Parenting has a lot of transferable marketing skills. Raising kids is actually an amazing opportunity to become an expert marketer. You just have to look at it the right way. These are all the areas you get to explore and develop new skills as a marketer:

Influencer Marketing

Your kid is melting down in the grocery store and you can feel the heat rising in your face. You’re mortified. You want him to listen or at least stop screaming. But how?

Encouraging the consumer behaviour you want is easier when you use influencer marketing. You can point to an example of what you would like your customer to do and point it out. “Look at that kid with his good listening ears. That kid is listening to his mom.” You can witness the conversion in progress when he starts listening too.

Product Descriptions

You can sell anything with the right product description. You need to describe things in ways your potential customer will understand and that will win over the most discerning skeptic. My son didn’t like “sauce” or “curry” but it turns out he does like “gravy for your rice.”

Likewise, after meeting a turkey at the pumpkin patch he was TERRIFIED. He had nightmares about turkeys under his bed. He wouldn’t even eat it at Christmas. But he would eat “Giant Chicken”, which bore a striking resemblance to the turkey he declined.

We also once convinced him the hotel hideabed was a “transformer bed” so he wouldn’t ask to stay in the master bedroom. He was a big fan of Transformers so this was an easy way to seal the deal and get an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Audience Targeting

You really do have to consider your audience and meet them where they are. When my son was little, he couldn’t spell so we would spell things out we didn’t want to say in front of him. “Is it B-E-D time yet?”

Later, when he could spell, he tried to do the same so I wouldn’t know what he was talking about. “Apparently M-O-M doesn’t even know how to play video games.” 🤣

He did not achieve his desired result (secretly whining about his mom) because he didn’t consider his audience (his mom, in earshot, who can actually spell.)

Personalizing the offer

There’s a reason why email marketers and moms use personalization to make a sale. “It’s time to clean your room” is a lot less convincing than “Alison Nicole Tedford, it’s time to clean your room!” Personalizing the offer inspires action and buy-in.

Closing the Deal

You get to experiment with all sorts of closes when you’re making the “sale” as a a parent:

The assumptive close:
“When you’re done cleaning your room, we’ll have ice cream.”

Using urgency:
“If you don’t get your shoes on quickly, we won’t be able to go to the park.”

The option close:
“Would you like to drink your milk in a red cup or a blue cup?”

Appeal to authority:
“Because I’m your mom and I said so.”

Appeal to unity:
“After your bath, we are all going to bed.”

Social proof:
“My mom made this meal for me when I was a kid and my sisters and I loved it. You should at least try it.”

Puppy dog close:
“I’m going to let you try this new blanket while I wash the old one. See how soft it is. You give it a go while I sneak “lovey” into the washing machine and see which you like better.”

Present the offer over and over until they give in. “Time for bed! It’s bed time! It’s time to go to sleep!”

Ultimatum close:
“If you keep making that face, it will get stuck like that forever.”

Raising children can teach you the finer points of negotiation, promotion and advanced marketing strategies. Feel Better Marketing is headed up by a marketer mom who has room on her client roster for your business. Reach out to schedule your consultation today!

Even Cows Have Best Friends: Content Marketing & The Animal Kingdom

What do cows have to do with content marketing? Let me explain. I shared a meme on my Facebook page that I thought people would relate to:

It turns out I’m connected to a farmer who informed me that in fact, cows DO have best friends. I had no idea.

The Power of Consistency

A cow’s relationships with other cows make them calmer and smarter. Northampton University and the University of British Columbia did studies about it. Their studies showed the benefits of long term social connection between cows, how relationships help cows adapt to a changing world, and how they experience less stress. Those connections are nurtured from being housed together and time spent interacting.

Proximity and consistency make a difference. Even animals’ lives benefit from connection to others. So the question is, how do we build those relationships? Through consistency and proximity in our marketing efforts.

My belief is that like cows and their buddy system, the relationships we build with customers should improve their lives based on our presence. To be present, we need to consistently show up in our communication, in our offering of support, in the way we are steadfast, like a cow’s best friend. From a content marketing perspective that means consistently posting on social media, sharing blog posts, responding to inquiries and feedback.

Making a Splash with Content

The next member of the animal kingdom I look to as an example are whales. They use echolocation – meaning they emit sound into their environment to gain information about it based on what bounces back. These sounds can also be used to communicate. They use them to find food to nourish themselves. How the objects respond to their sounds gives them valuable information about their consistency, location and speed. Content marketing works in the same way.

The sounds that you make in your content through your corporate blog and social media work like echolocation and whale sounds because they can help you find food (leads), they help you communicate with others in your space (relationship building with customers) and they provide information about the space it’s being received by (social listening post-publication.)

Other than specifically echolocation, when it comes to sound, whales also sing. They assemble a collection of sounds that can last more than ten minutes and they use those sounds to identify and connect with other whales who are far away, and also to share information.

Whale songs, like blog posts or tweets or Facebook posts, are content. They are content that whales distribute underwater to sustain themselves and assemble their “squad” (or pod, technically.) Whales find their community by what they put out into the water.

I also believe that like whales, we need to sing. We need to let our audiences know who we are based on the sounds we put out into the world, so they can find us. We need to share information, connect with people who are far away and find community.

I wouldn’t necessarily let a whale or a cow handle my content marketing or my customer experience, but we can certainly from their examples. If cows have best friends and whales sing, how is your brand showing up and making noise consistently, intentionally and productively?

If you need help showing up and being consistent with your audience through quality content, inquire about our services today.