Big Words Bigger Impact

Are you looking for an impact so big they can just taste it? That’s where storytelling comes in. Storytelling transforms words into a message. It translates a list of features and benefits into a memorable experience with emotional weight and depth.

It’s the difference between the emotionally neutral act of scanning through a hastily scribbled grocery list left behind in a shopping cart and salivating as you vicariously enjoy the multisensory journey of a decadent gourmet meal with all its aromas and flavours. Tastebuds dance. You can hear the clatter of the cutlery. You’re right there.

That’s the power of storytelling.

You can read from a lecture and teach people things or you can invite them on an adventure and give them a front row seat to the moment everything changed for you.

The moment that changed you can change others too and there are so many ways to get that story out there. What do people say when you share your story and how would it feel to have more people saying it?

I know what that’s like and it’s amazing.

“I really appreciate this. I am going into treatment tomorrow and I am terrified. This gave me some hope. Thank you.”

I shared my story about recovering from illness and a lady named Katie took the time to tell me how what I shared had touched her. She went from scared to comforted and hearing that felt so good. Knowing your story made an impact is a feeling that’s second to none. Being able to change hearts with your experiences is such a gift.

What would it mean to you if more people had the chance to change their lives with your message? How will your story change the world if it spreads even further?

Feel Better Marketing can help you spread the word about your big message by making the words you share work harder. Your speeches could become blog posts, social media posts, newsletter content, all sorts of things. Let’s work together and spread the word… your words!

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